Medical workers shouldn't have to worry about their kids while they’re at work, especially now. We’re here to make sure they don’t have to.

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We are in the process of building our advocacy team to engage with community-based solutions to systemic problems such as child care accessibility and the virtual homework gap. 

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Providing free child care to medical workers is CCC's original mission and largest division. 

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Kids across the country are falling behind in virtual classes, especially if their parents are working high stress, long-hour jobs. We have remote tutors ready to serve any medical worker's family, whatever their location! 

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CCC is growing rapidly. We are looking for talented young people who are driven by social impact and the prospect of helping their communities. 

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In the wake of school and daycare closures, medical workers across the country are struggling to find affordable child care to keep their kids safe, and tutoring to make sure they don’t fall behind in school. 


That’s where we come in. We’re a group of community organizers helping to relieve the massive burden placed on healthcare workers by the pandemic and failed social policy. We provide free child care and virtual tutoring services to medical workers across the country. 


CCC was born out of a video chat between four friends in March 2020 and has since grown into a 50+ person team of capable college-age organizers. With a volunteer base of over 600 and a track record of safe and reliable service, COVID Community care is here to help.

Diverse Kindergarten


Pharmacy Technician at Eisenhower Health

"CCC has been such a blessing during this tragic time. I no longer have to stress about my child being left home alone and falling behind in school. Thank you beyond measures for creating this wonderful program for medical workers! You have all made our lives less stressful!"

Essential Healthcare Worker in

Los Angeles, California

"This is incredible. Hats off to you. As someone who is a healthcare worker at a large hospital, this has been an incredibly stressful time. What you are doing is generous and surely appreciated by those you serve."

Essential Healthcare Worker

in San Diego, California

"Oh my! You have no idea how much this will help me. Not only am I a healthcare worker but a single mom... it’s been so stressful. Thank you!!!"

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